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Not Satisfied With Your Hosting?

People tend to resist change, and that trepidation extends to their online businesses as well. Numerous website owners accept dissatisfactory present circumstances simply because they fear change. Usually, this concern is unwarranted and just a matter of misinformation. Transferring a domain is not only easy but it can provide the website owner with a number of additional benefits beyond savings.

Common Reasons for Dissatisfaction

The most common reason for dissatisfaction regarding a domain name is cost. Many registrars simply charge too much, and a lot of website owners subscribe to plans that were reasonably priced once but no longer are. Another common reason is lack of ownership. Many successful websites have humble origins on free hosting services, but success illuminates the tremendous value of owning one’s own domain.

Easier than You Think It Is

There are two primary reasons why website owners delay transferring a domain: They expect it to be difficult, and they worry that it might interrupt service. Both concerns are unjustified. Transferring is a fast and simple process, and many registrars and hosts provide an automated tool that makes it a “hands-free” procedure. In addition, there will be overlap in service provided by the domain name servers, which ensures that visitors can access the website even if the new details haven’t fully propagated yet.

Domain Transfer Benefits

1. Price

The most obvious reason to change registrars is savings. The cost of domain name registration continues to come down, and there are numerous price-breaks available to the website owner who registers multiple domain names or is willing to register a name for an extended period.

2. Features

Today, domain name registration usually includes a range of useful features at no or minimal additional cost. These features include advert-free web forwarding, domain parking, domain privacy, domain locking, and advanced control of tags and the DNS.

3. Consolidation

Consolidation is a way to save money. It is also convenient and practical. As a website becomes more successful, it will undoubtedly have multiple domain names associated with it, and as a website owner becomes more successful, he or she will undoubtedly have multiple websites under his or her control. Having them all centrally located saves money, time and effort.

4. Convenience

Managing a single domain name is easy. When you have multiple domain names through multiple registrars, even basic maintenance becomes a multi-stage process. With centrally located domains, the webmaster can take advantage of batch control and any account changes apply to all domain names.

5. Security

Contact information has to be accurate. Domain names are lost all the time due to outdated and inaccurate information. The danger for the sole proprietor and other small businesses is that this accurate information exposes them to risk. Safeguard features ensure that a website has accurate and current information but that the website owner is fully protected.


Don’t waste your effort, time and money simply due to procrastination or fear of change. If you’re not happy with your registrar or webhost, then be proactive about that dissatisfaction. Domain name transfers are simple and free, and they can provide your website with a wide range of long-term benefits.

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