Web Host SiteGround Launches Anti-SOPA, PIPA Campaign

Web hosting provider SiteGround announced on Monday it has launched a “Stop Censorship” campaign opposing PIPA and SOPA legislation.

SiteGround joins a growing community of hosting providers that have publically spoken against the PIPA and SOPA legislation, including ServInt, Rackspace, HostGator, A Small Orange, Dreamhost, and Domain.com.

The new campaign encourages customers to speak out on the soon-to-be-voted in the House of Parliament PIPA bill, raising awareness about the controversial legislation and attract even more people to oppose the bill.

Over the weekend, the Obama administration said it would not support any bill that would prevent business innovation, lead to new cybersecurity risks or disrupt the DNS. Meanwhile, house majority leader Eric Cantor delayed the SOPA vote until a decision on the bill was reached.

SiteGround is encouraging clients to embed a special stamp on their websites it has created to spread the word against SOPA and PIPA in their social media channels.

The hosting provider has also created a plugin for Joomla that will easily add the campaign stamp on Joomla websites.

Having publicly opposed the bill in its company blog in November, as well as actively voicing its opposition in social networks, SiteGround continues to voice its opposition to SOPA by engaging its customers.

“We believe that more people should become aware that Internet, as they know it, is facing a serious change, more people should care and more people should express a strong position built on principles,” said SiteGround CEO Tenko Nikolov. “Recently we have seen the topic being turned into a money making technique by several other hosting companies which contradicts with our understanding about the seriousness of the problem. Seeking profit out of such issues, rather than putting effort in resolving them in everyone’s best interest, is least to say dangerous.”

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USA Reseller Web Hosting: The Practical Choice

When you’re looking for web hosting space on a budget, reseller hosting is the way to go. And as with any service, you can expect the best from people who operate within the proximity. If you’re based in the USA, a good USA reseller web hosting outfit should be able to help you with your every need.

How is USA reseller web hosting the practical choice for someone living in the USA? There are a number of reasons. For one thing, USA-based service providers are more aware of the true value of a dollar than anyone. A USA-based reseller is more familiar with the competition and what it takes to get ahead – what services to provide that will get the attention of more customers, and exactly how to target customers in order to gain maximum visibility for its best ad pitches.

And of course, “the best ad pitches” mean promos, discounts and other customer-friendly features. Just because something is US-based, it isn’t automatically unfriendly with customers. In order to get ahead in the market a service provider needs to be able to attract customers, and smart marketers know that the way to do that is to offer eye-catching promos – whether continuous or for a limited time only.

For that is exactly what a reseller outfit is – a marketing arm. To be more specific, it’s a marketing arm for a webhost. There are many methods of reselling, but among the most popular is that a reseller buys a huge chunk of web space from an existing host, then allocates smaller chunks of web space to users who are willing to pay. Sometimes, resellers pretend to be web hosts in order to seem more “legit,” but this isn’t exactly out of line, or even illegal – quite a few web hosts offer large spaces that are ideal for reselling. Some of them offer “brandable” reseller accounts so that all the services have the reseller’s name on them, and there is almost nothing left to tie the customer back to the original web host.

This works to the web host’s advantage because if a host primarily caters to resellers, there is no need to market its services to individual buyers. And resellers always need – and pay for – large amounts of space. If you don’t have the kind of money that resellers have, or the features that they need, you should look into purchasing space from a USA reseller web hosting.

cPanel Reseller Hosting: Popular and Practical

People who are new to reselling or buying web space may find themselves asking: Why is cPanel reseller hosting so popular? There’s got to be a reason why of all the web management programs in the market, cPanel is the one that has managed to gain the most coverage. It may as well have its own fan club among dedicated cPanel enthusiasts!

As a matter of fact, a person who’s new to the concept of buying and selling web space may think there’s only one kind of web hosting reseller available – the cPanel reseller hosting account. That’s how popular cPanel hosting has become over time. This is not to say that cPanel has cornered a monopoly, certainly nothing that extreme! But when you buy a small amount of web space for the first time, chances are you’ll end up with a cPanel account; that is how popular it is.

This just means more web hosts install cPanel by choice. As website management software, cPanel is certainly quite versatile, able to operate smoothly with a variety of features. Over time many features have been added to the basic cPanel bundle… and more and more features are still being added. The development of this program has proven to be continuous: a plus when you consider the dynamic nature of web programming. The latest build of cPanel can be expected to comply with the most up-to-date standards of excellence in the web hosting industry.

This software is proprietary, which means it requires licensing before it can be used. But you only need to pay once for a cPanel license per server, which makes it a truly economical choice for many web hosts. The program was originally intended to be used by web hosts, so if an individual – or a reseller – would like to purchase a license, there are no provisions in the pricing for personal use. However, charities and educational institutions may formally write the creators of the software at cpanel.net, requesting for a free license.

If you’re the kind of person who automatically shies away from what’s “in” or “hot,” thinking it’s overrated, you may be missing out on a lot by not giving cPanel reseller hosting a go. There’s a “people’s choice” award for various things for a reason, and that’s because the choice of the masses deserves acclaim. Given the status of cPanel as a “people’s choice awardee,” it would be a great place to start your research.

The Reasons for Choosing a Linux Hosting Plan

When you have your own website, you may get confused whether you want to avail of a shared host plan or not. Deciding over this is something which you think over carefully. There are some web hosting services which are offered at expensive costs, while there are some services which are provided for a low price. When you choose a cheap host plan over a plan which requires a lot of budget, you will be able to get various benefits.

Opt for the Affordable Web Hosting Services of The Magic Host

Choosing web host services is a decision which you have to consider, especially when you already have a website. If you have more than one site, a shared hosting plan can be of great importance. With the low-cost charges of shared hosting, you will be able to transfer or restore your sites without preparing a huge budget. When you want to make an investment out of your websites, you should make sure that your money does not go to waste. Being definite with your plans entail you to make a wise decision regarding the most suitable type of hosting plan. In order for you to get the most affordable web hosting services, go for The Magic Host.

The Hosting Plans of The Magic Host

When you go for the web hosting services of The Magic Host, you will be provided with several choices of operating systems such as:

  • Windows
  • Oracle
  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • FreeBSD

Why Linux is Cheaper and More Reliable

One of the well-known types of hosting plans at The Magic Host is Linux. Compared with other plans, Linux is relatively cheaper due to various reasons.

  • While there are monthly fees, you are not required to settle setup fees. This means that you are not obligated to pay for the start-up services.
  • If ever you have begun to pay for the services that you have availed of and you are not satisfied with what you are getting, you are entitled to get your money back. However, this guarantee lasts only for thirty days after you have availed of the plan.
  • You are offered with great reseller privileges, which you can avail of at a low cost.
  • There are several Linux hosting plans to choose from, all of which you can upgrade to a wider bandwidth and disk space. Aside from free setup, the domain name is also offered for free.

The Advantages That You Get from The Magic Host

When you are tied up to the permanent virtual host plan of a company, there is a way out for you. The Magic Host has affordable terms which you can buy out. Even if this company is already your web hosting provider, you can still buy out terms from other companies. When you go for the shared hosting services of The Magic Host, you will benefit from its low prices. For as low as $4.50; you will be able to develop a website for your business. With the reseller privileges that the company provides to its clients, you will be able to manage your website fully. Some of these reseller privileges are triple backup, WHM access, WHMCS support and billing system, private name server, and other terms. It is up to which term you want to purchase.

Tips For Choosing Website Hosting Company

A website hosting company is very much essential for establishing your website presence. It is not sufficient to just create a website; you need to have a domain which is provided by a website hosting company. As there are many such companies around, some thought and consideration has to be used in choosing the right website hosting company.

A very important point to consider is the amount of support the company gives you. You have to choose a web host that gives a good response to any problem you have; and in other words, has a good support system with 24/7 live chat support.

Choose website hosting companies with 99% uptime

The website hosting company has to have a minimum of 99% uptime, especially if you have a commercial website where you have to stay online continuously, without interruptions. In addition to this, the web host should have lots of web or disc space as there is always the possibility of you needing to expand your website over time.

Preferably, the website hosting company should offer you a web space of 1 GB so that you can add features and several scripts to your website if and when required. And if your web host permits you to hold multiple domains from an account, you definitely need more than 1 GB of disc space.

Choose the web host that provides you with a Cpanel hosting interface as it are easy for the beginner webmaster to use. With Cpanel, you can setup email accounts, manage files and databases and provide website hosting tools. In addition to this, Cpanel may also provide a system called Fantastico where installation of guest books, blogs and WordPress is made simple.

Check on the security features of the web host

If you own a business website that sells products or services, you need to choose a website hosting company that has e-commerce features like Agora shopping carts. Usually web hosts provide shopping carts for free. As scripts today usually use SSIs for inclusion of data, you have to ensure that you choose the web host that supports or activates SSI for your domain.

It is important that the website hosting company is fast as slow web hosts only lead to the loss of visitors while waiting for the loading of web pages. Choose web hosts with a minimum of a T1 connection for internet carriers; though T3 connections are faster or better.

As security is an important feature of all websites, you have to choose a website hosting company that provides you with sufficient security. It should have important security services like firewalls for protection from hackers.

Check on the bandwidth of the website hosting company as the higher is the bandwidth, the better it is for you. If you have lots of graphics on your website, you will need a lot of monthly bandwidth so choose the host with a minimum of 20GB bandwidth.

This is an important point for choosing website hosting companies as once your website uses more than the allotted bandwidth in a month, you may end up either with a suspension of your site or a hefty fee for each GB that you use. However, be careful of website hosting companies offering ‘unlimited’ bandwidth as these hosts usually have their policy terms printed in fine print.

Web Hosting – What You Need to Know

Web hosting is a service that lets an individual or organization makes their website accessible in the World Wide Web. This service is made available by companies called web hosting providers. The web host has a server—where your website is run, which is connected to the internet, this way; anyone who has internet access can be connected to your website.

There are mainly two types of web hosting, free and paid hosting service. Under paid hosting service, there are several types, which will be discussed later on in the article.

Free web hosting enables the user to modify the content of his website by uploading the simplest kind of features in which capabilities are only limited to a certain degree. The web hosting provider makes money by advertisements displayed on the website. This type of web hosting doesn’t appear too professional since the site is under a sub domain or a directory, meaning, the website name is followed or preceded by the web hosting provider. This type of web hosting is advantageous for people who are newbie’s in the Internet and needing just a small site to get started especially with the upload tools that are very easy to use.

Paid web hosting, on the other hand, provides more space and more features but you will be required to pay the web hosting provider fees to maintain your website. An advantage for this type is that the ads that appear on your website are those that you prefer and the revenue from it goes to you. You also get to have your own domain name.

The different types of paid web hosting are the following:

  • Shared web hosting – wherein you share the same server and all other resources like software with other people. You only manage the design and content of your site.
  • Virtual Private Servers – here the idea is that a server is divided into small servers to enable the user to have their own. This is a cheaper alternative to dedicated servers and more expensive than shared web hosting.
  • Dedicated Server – this is not too popular for the common companies as it entails a lot of money. The owner gets full control over it. This is ideal for high-traffic websites.
  • Colocation web hosting – the individual purchases a server and passes it to the web hosting company for them to provide space, connection, and power. You must have your own administrator to check on your server.

Other web hosting companies provide specific hosting and these would include blog hosting, video hosting, image hosting, and file hosting among others.

When choosing a web hosting provider, consider the following:

  • Your needs – what type of hosting do you need, how much memory, bandwidth, etc.
  • How reliable is the web hosting company? Can they guarantee that your website is always up and running?
  • Development – in the future, can this company still provide for what you need? Do they have the latest technology?
  • Dependability – should there be any problems with your website and/or server.